Pre-approval for restricted capabilities?

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SnekithanSonOfJesse on Thu, 07 Jun 2018 17:31:35

I need the restricted capability in my app, however, review process comes at the end of the development cycle just before releasing the app to the public.

We don't want to see at the end that the app could not be released because of the restricted capability. 

Is there a way to release the app earlier (not to the public) and get the approval, then, continue work on completion of other functionalities and release the final version to public.

Case scenario is follows:

ABCApp v1.0 released  to public.

ABCApp v1.40 (which requires restricted capabilities) submitted for approval, but not released to public. This implements 80% of the functionality.

It is approved.

ACBApp v1.50 implements 100% functionalities submitted for approval. Does it again go thru manual approval process for the restricted capabilities?

Please shed some lights!



Daisy Tian on Fri, 08 Jun 2018 07:02:11

Hi SnekithanSonOfJesse,

Yes, you can do like this.
If you get the response for approving restricted capabilities successfully, the restricted capabilities will always be valid for the app, unless you declare additional capabilities。
You can refer to Restricted capability approval process for more detail.

Best Regards