Create New-AzureSchdulerHttpJob using PowerShell with https Action type

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ArkaySPS on Sun, 14 Jun 2015 00:22:36


I am trying to automate an Azure schedule job deployment using PowerShell. Successfully created a job using New-AzureSchdulerHttpJob cmdlet but we need HTTPS action type and a job was created with HTTP action type.

Note: I can successfully create a schedule job on management portal with HTTPS action type.

I did't find any parameter to specify an action type and below is my PowerShell command.

$currUri = [System.Uri]""

New-AzureSchedulerHttpJob -Location $jobLocation -JobCollectionName $jobColName -JobName $currJobName -Method "POST" -URI $currUri -StartTime $scheduleDate -Frequency "Minute" -Interval 30 -JobState "Enabled" -HttpAuthenticationType "Basic" -Headers @{"Content-Type"="text/plain";"Authorization"="$encodedPair";} 

Let me know if anyone come across this situation and thank you.

Regards, - Arkay



jlarian on Thu, 15 Oct 2015 10:45:33

Hi Arkay,

I am also in a similar situation, have you got any solution?