David Burg on Wed, 12 Mar 2014 04:53:45

Our current on-premises AS2 front end accepts both HTTP and HTTPS connections regardless of the AS2 IDs or agreements.

During the deployment of an agreement in the WABS TPM portal you can select only one of the two schemes - either http or https. I thought I could simply duplicate the AS2 agreement with just the protocol changing, but the deployment of the second agreement fails with this:

This error text is obviously not helpful and need improvement. What error occurred? Please include the exception details or something actionable.

Then, is it supported to have both HTTP and HTTPS schemes for a unique pair of AS2 host and guest? If this is not supported currently, is this something that will not be supported in the future (one could argue that either the partners use HTTP or HTTPS for a given agreement but there is little reason to use both - I did notice however that for testing and debug people like to use HTTP so they can capture the network traffic in the clear, wise or unwise) or could be enabled in a later update of WABS?

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Shailesh Agre on Thu, 13 Mar 2014 06:22:01

I will check with PG regarding having HTTP and HTTPS for the pair.

Can you please provide the BizTalk service name where you tried this (along with time and time zone)?

I will try to go through traces to see if there is any useful information available.



Harish Kumar Agarwal - MSFT on Thu, 13 Mar 2014 06:32:21

Hi David,

Firstly on the error you saw: the agreement creation failed since you were trying to create a second agreement between the same set of profiles. That isn't allowed. Agree with you that the error message being surfaced there needs to be improved. Will track that.

On the HTTP and HTTPS support: it isn't possible currently. You have yourself stated that both together wont be used between two partners. However I agree with the testing/debug comment. Let me take that as feedback and revert later if we would support both together or not.

Thanks, Harish