How does Microsoft account works?

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SilKai on Tue, 10 Jan 2017 06:56:52

Dear supports,

I am currently creating a Microsoft account for MS Azure for my customer. Therefore, my customer provide an e-mail address to me in order to register this e-mail address for Microsoft account. However, when I create using this e-mail address, Microsoft account creation page wrote an error message which describe this e-mail address was created as Microsoft account previously. I clarify the situation with my customer and they said they are currently using Office 365 e-mail address. I try to type this e-mail address on Microsoft Azure login page, after I typed the e-mail address, Microsoft Azure login page direct me to Office 365 login page.

The following will be my question:

1. Is Office 365 account and MS Azure account are using same Microsoft Account? (ID/Password both are same)

2. How can I register this e-mail address for Microsoft Azure used only?

Thanks very much for your support. If my explanation doesn't clear, please kindly inform me.

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Thuan Soldier on Mon, 17 Apr 2017 10:16:27

Office 365 and Microsoft Azure accounts are all stored in Microsoft Azure Active Directory - an identity management service running on Microsoft Azure. These types of accounts are stored in different tenants. Microsoft Account is different from any other mentioned here which is used for public Microsoft email service (,,

I'm not sure if I understand fully your 2nd question. If you want to use only one account you need to enable Azure AD in your Office 365. Make sure the plan at least is E3.

I described briefly here 

Thuan Soldier