C-SAM on Fri, 14 Dec 2012 13:26:02

I'm developing one product and different projects/services will use my product. Sometime few of projects may not use the features that I've provided in my product. With this case suppose in my product I've written code related to Push Notification but it has not being used/called by dependent project. When I upload my application to Marketplace yet do I require to provide any description related to push notification? According to Certification Requirement rule 2.9.1.

Also One of my customer's project already rejected from Marketplace who have used the push notification. The reason was: based on Certification Policy 2.9.1 "Push Notifcation doesn't provide description of the notifications the application will receive. It is not clear how the application uses Push Notification Service." Though my customer has provided the description in terms and conditions. We couldn't understand the exact requirement.

I need your help to understand the detailed requirement to fulfill the Policy 2.9.1 requirement.