Carlo A. Mendoza on Sun, 14 Apr 2019 05:31:50

Has anyone been able to change the company name in the Package/Identity/Name or PFN in the Partner Center after a Publisher name change?

Right now, oldcompanyname still shows up although I've changed the publisher name to newcompanyname

Luckily, I have not published anything yet, and if necessary, apps I have started can be deleted, if necessary.

Package/Identity/Name oldcompanyname.8f88689c9da84815be3c34355a44b28b

Package Family Name (PFN) oldcompanyname.8f88689c9da84815be3c34355a44b28b_8p168kct84vzr

Edit: I've tried deleting all apps from the account and created a new one. It still has oldcompanyname


Daisy Tian on Mon, 15 Apr 2019 05:48:09


Did you modify the publisher display name under contact info in the accounting setting page in Dev center, and then want this update to be applied to Identity name and Package Family name? If so, it is impossible to update the Identity Name and PFN now in dashboard. You could also see this view in this thread. Could you tell me what you are modifying these values for?

Best regards

Daisy  Tian

Carlo A. Mendoza on Thu, 18 Apr 2019 07:25:08

That's a completely silly limitation for a new account with no published apps or any activity.

I just went through over 2 weeks of getting my new Publisher name/company name verified. Such a waste of time. I had this account dormant with what I thought was a placeholder name that I could change totally.

I'm at the point of wanting to abandon the current account and creating a new one and start all over again, but concerned about what other problems that entail--will I now be barred from using the same publisher name?

Daisy Tian on Fri, 19 Apr 2019 08:56:05


>will I now be barred from using the same publisher name?

Yes,you will be barred. If you enter a name that someone else has already selected, or if it appears that someone else has the rights to use that name, Microsoft will not allow you to use that name.(Derive from document: The account signup process)

How to change identity name or PFN is out the scope of the forum. I can only give you some advice that might be helpful to you. You could contact this team (Contact us > Dashboard issue> Account setup & management> submit an incident)first to see if it can solve your original problem of renaming. If not, you can try to get them to close your old account so you can use the old name again.Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards

Daisy  Tian

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