Delay in Timestamps

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prequejo on Wed, 13 Feb 2019 15:44:02


I am sending messages from an OPCUA server to a Azure Data Lake through a IOT Gateway. I've seen that there is a growing difference between de Source Timestamp (generated by the OPC server) and the IoTHub.EnqueuedTime, generated by IoT Hub, in the cloud. The difference between these two timestamps grows about 4-5 seconds each hour. I have done several trials with different number of items and frequencys, but the gap coes on growing. 

Can anyone tell me why can this be happening? where can i check to avoid this item?

Thanks in advance



António Sérgio Azevedo - MSFT on Mon, 18 Feb 2019 19:11:17

Hi Pedro,

I can see many factors that may influence the delay you mention:

  • Network connection from your OPCUA server up to IoTHub
  • IoTHub throttling messages due to quota
  • Multi thread concurrency on your application or out of memory issues.
  • ...

In order to better help you troubleshooting this issue I need to understand what are you using as your OPCUA server? Is it iot-edge-opc-publisher ? What version? Is it running on windows or linux? Or is it running in docker? Linux or windows container?

If using iot-edge-opc-publisher please also leverage the issues section there:

Thank you!