how do I display maximized window in XAML Designer workspace

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shalom22 on Fri, 08 Jul 2016 10:06:36

I need to be able to see a maximized representation of my app window so i can lay out what the whole screen will look like.  The designer is showing only a portion. How do I get the designer to show a maximized version?

This is what the maximized window looks like when I run the app:

This is what is looks like in VS:

When i hover over the area circled in red, the box appears.  I think it is the pink box that shows on the first pic.  I have tried changing the size of the window, but it just moves the box over more and other things on the screen change. I think the numbers on the Title statement change the window size, but  don't know what size to set it to for a maximized screen or if that is even the correct place to set it.

        Title="MPact Information Manager" Height="618" Width="525">

Also, the areas circled in blue show that there is more space between the two areas circle in blue.  It looks like what is showing in VS isn't any where near an accurate representation of what appears on the screen when the app is run.

I need to know how to get VS to display the whole screen so I can design what the screen will look like.  I can't find anything in the menu or an icon that seems to do it. How do I get it to show the whole screen?

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