DNS services on Azure Servers

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murat_er on Tue, 01 Apr 2014 13:16:24


We manage our domain on our name servers. We are planning to migrate one of them to azure platform. On azure servers have a public IP but ı can not ping them. Is it enough to give permission 53 port number for DNS server? For example when ı register one domain i will give this public ip and as a name server.

Also ı want to use DNS forwarder for my other physical server can I do?


Murat ER Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator


a-z-l on Tue, 01 Apr 2014 13:30:04

There is no reason you can't run DNS on Azure - though I would be much more inclined to use one of the high resilience global DNS providers - They are *your* servers, you can do what you want with them! 

As for ports, TCP and UDP port 53 are all that is needed (TCP is needed for zone transfers, DNSSEC) 

And Azure don't allow ping on the network, ICMP is dropped, that is why you can't. - I've never understood the reason for this! 

murat_er on Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:50:40


I want to use forwarder DNS role on my existing server. Is it possible?


Will Shao on Thu, 03 Apr 2014 05:59:02


Do your mean you want to use yourself DNS Server?

Base on my experience, before deploying role instances or virtual machines, you must consider how you want name resolution to be handled. There are two options available. You can either use internal name resolution provided by Windows Azure, or you can choose to specify a DNS server that is not maintained by Windows Azure. Not all configuration options are available for every deployment type. Carefully consider your deployment scenario before making this choice.

I suggest you could refer to this page Name resolution using your own DNS server.

If I misunderstood, please let me know.