Reference to table/fields in view assets

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Enrico May CWS on Fri, 10 Feb 2017 10:20:33

Hi guys, 

let's assume following situation: 

We have a database with tables and columns. These tables are added as assets to the Data Catalog.

Additionally we have views (assets) which are basically joining multiple tables, because this is what views are supposed to do.

1. As there is currently no possibility to link the assets physically (metamodel does not allow that), we have decided to add a manual textinfo to the view's column description to express to which table/field it refers to. From user experience perspective it now means, he looks at the columns in the view asset, sees the reference text to a different column/table asset and needs to manually search again for the table asset to get more insights to that object, plus having to remember the column name he was looking for and find it in the table's column list. It would speed up this process enormously if there is a direct hyperlink between columns and assets/columns. To put the same description on both sides is no option for us (more documentation efforts + inconsistencies.

2. It would be even faster when the user directly can see the description and tags of the underlying table column (just to view, not to edit)

Does that make sense to you?




Matthew Roche [MSFT] on Thu, 02 Mar 2017 17:00:26

Hi Enrico,

Thanks for the feedback. You're correct that Data Catalog currently does not have the ability to natively represent relationships between data assets. This can be added to the descriptive metadata in the catalog, but it's not currently a first class part of our metadata model.

With this said, we're in the process of adding support for relationships. Although we do not yet have firm details to share, or goal is to have capabilities available in the second quarter of 2017.

The scenario you have shared definitely makes sense, and supporting it is in our plan.

Matthew - Azure Data Catalog Team