TJ Zimmerman on Tue, 15 Aug 2017 16:55:29

Hello all, I have recently began automating the deployment of all of the Azure resources and other modifications that need to be made to build the dev environments at my company. I started working with Powershell on Linux using the .NET Core release of the AzureRM module. Come to find out, half of the cmdlets for interacting with Azure are present in another module, Azure. Which doesn't have a .NET Core release yet.

I tried running my script today on Windows and it bombed horribly. Probably due to some weird syntactical differences between the platforms or something. I haven't began troubleshooting yet. But this led me to thinking about whether or not Powershell was even the best solution. Can anyone recommend an alternative method?

Preferably something less proprietary with better cross-platform support. I recognize there are similar questions on StackOverflow. But they address entire applications and CI/CD pipelines. I'm mostly referring to the underlying resource groups, security rules, etc. However I will likely also leverage this script to deploy k8s, couchbase, etc as well. So perhaps an entire design change is in order.


Nayana A S on Wed, 16 Aug 2017 05:25:32

Suggestion would be to dynamically generate ARM template JSON files and Azure Automation can be used for "cross-platform" support.

Refer the below link for more information
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