Azure Germany use bitbucket repo as app service source

Category: azure app service api apps public preview


Peter Macherey on Tue, 14 Feb 2017 12:15:17

I have an account on Microsoft Azure Germany and want to use my bitbucket repository as source for my app service. Every time i want to connect via external repositories i get the following error:

{"Code":"NotFound","Message":"Cannot find SourceControlToken with name Bitbucket.","Target":null,"Details":[{"Message":"Cannot find SourceControlToken with name Bitbucket."},{"Code":"NotFound"},{"ErrorEntity":{"Code":"NotFound","Message":"Cannot find SourceControlToken with name Bitbucket.","ExtendedCode":"51004","MessageTemplate":"Cannot find {0} with name {1}.","Parameters":["SourceControlToken","Bitbucket"],"InnerErrors":null}}],"Innererror":null}

As source i use the format******/azure_test.git. Is this the wrong format or did i miss a configuration?

brest regards