SonalJ on Thu, 06 Mar 2014 04:56:52

I created a PowerPivot (SQL Server 2012 SP1) workbook and uploaded it to SharePoint 2010 Portal and started using it as a data source in an excel file. This worked fine and we saw no issues with it until we moved to SharePoint 2013 environment.

I uploaded the same PowerPivot workbook (source workbook) to SharePoint 2013 Portal and now trying to use it as a data source. I tried to change connection properties so that I could use the new portal address for the workbook. When I try to save my changes, I see that OLAP queries are getting fired "Refreshing OLAP cube" shows up in the status bar, but eventually after running these OLAP queries (I would say after a minute), I get the following error -

Couldn't find anything specific in SharePoint logs or maybe I wasn't looking for the right thing.

Has anyone seen this issue? Why would PPIV service throw an error after running for a while? Is it a timeout issue of some kind? How can we take care of this?




SonalJ on Sat, 08 Mar 2014 02:54:04

ULS log showed the following exception: The maximum number of allowed sessions per user has been exceeded.

Under Excel Services global settings, max limit is set. Default is 25, increasing it resolved this issue.