Do you use/love Azure Connect? If so then shout to support the team

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Xied75 on Mon, 03 Dec 2012 13:09:24

Dear all,

As curious as some previous threads, I'm very concerned about Connect. This is a GREAT feature of Azure, can be extremely useful with Cloud Service deployment and others, but also very meaningful on its own: fundamentally Connect allows you to set up an IPSec infrastructure over all your machines, be it on-premises or Red-Dog. IPSec is the future to go!

Azure Virtual Network just can't replace this, VN need your side to have a VPN device (only CISCO stuff supported), setting up the gateway, bribe your IT admin to set up the VPN device properly if they happen to use a correct device, etc. etc. But what if you are small business, or a single laptop developer? Unless VN can work with a single laptop, i.e. let my laptop join the range of the VN, it will ever solve half the connectivity problem.

VN is great and useful too, but the whole concept is so last century IPv4 and LAN. Connect offer IPv6, Point-to-Point, dynamic management (in that I mean you can add/remove Group/Group member, Role/Role Member at real time and see it response in 2 seconds, for VN, it's a one off setup, if something wrong, do the whole thing again). Although it will be great if Connect can be further developed to have a full REST API and PowerShell comlets and into the new Azure Management Web UI.

So if you use/love Connect, reply with your voice to show the support!




Qin Dian Tang - MSFT on Tue, 04 Dec 2012 03:09:01


For now it seems you can only access Azure Connect in the old portal. You can switch to the old one through the new portal page:

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will do better for this.