csv file error on upload

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mechtoni34 on Mon, 05 Nov 2018 17:25:41

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why do i get this error?

help please!!!

DesktopScreenshot1 100

The value you provided is not valid (assets\1.jpg).


Daisy Tian on Tue, 06 Nov 2018 06:04:54

Hi mechtoni34,

Which way did you use to import your listings? A folder oe just a single .csv file?Importing listings as a folder is better than as a single .csv file.If your root folder is named my_folder, and you want to use an image called screenshot1.png for DesktopScreenshot1, you could add screenshot1.png to the root of that folder, then enter my_folder/screenshot1.png in the DesktopScreenshot1 field. If you created an images folder within your root folder and then placed screenshot1.jpg there, you would enter my_folder/images/screenshot1.png. You could refer to Import and export Store listings for more details.

Importing listings need lots of requirements to meet ,so I recommend you to upload the images one by one in the Store-listing -(language). You could fill your store listings follow the instructions in document: Create app Store listings.

Best regards

Daisy  Tian