Cache Rule for Home Page

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WesleyTTTTBoom on Wed, 24 Apr 2019 19:49:00


I would like to configure Azure CDN to bypass cache on all pages except the top level domain page (Home Page or '/') and the media asset folder (/assets). I set the default cache policy to No Cache and then created two custom rules. I was able to create the rule for the assets folder with  "/assets/*" but getting a validation exception when trying to set the cache rule for "/". Has anyone been able to create a cache rule for the top level domain page "Home" with a custom cache rule?



msrini - MSFT on Thu, 25 Apr 2019 06:36:47

Hi Wesley, 

When you provide only "/" in the match values, there is a validation error stating this is not allowed. As a workaround, can you provide "/default.html" path? 

I mean, provide the entire default path over there and try if that helps. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 



WesleyTTTTBoom on Mon, 29 Apr 2019 14:25:44

If 80% of the traffic goes to then putting in a rule for wouldn't help because nobody will actually browse to that page. People just go to the main domain so I don't think that rule will help overall application performance. Does that make sense?

msrini - MSFT on Mon, 29 Apr 2019 19:36:33

Yeah, it does make sense. But you will not be able to use / in the rule as of now. I can follow up on this get back to you.