EMS E3 and E5 - Are both needed?

Category: azure security center


TheGreenGorilla on Fri, 07 Dec 2018 15:51:28

Hi All,

I am being told by our Software Assurance Team that we require both the EMS E3 and E5 license because we have purchased a "step up" license from E3 to E5. However....

When looking at the Account SKU IDs (using PowerShell) they are distinct. One being mycompany:EMS and the other mycompany:EMSPREMIUM.

This led me to believe they are separate products. And within the portal you can turn each one off independently of the other. I couldn’t find a definitive answer from the MS website if they are both needed. I also came across this question on the FAQs;

I currently use Enterprise Mobility + Security E3. Is there a discount for me to upgrade my users to E5?

No, Microsoft doesn't offer an E5 discount for existing E3 customers.

So, do we need both for full functionality of the E5 (EMSPREMIUM) and what is the "step up" if MS dont offer a discount?

If anyone could shed a little light on this, would be appreciated.



Manoj Reddy - MSFT on Mon, 10 Dec 2018 06:25:08


If you have EMS E5 then you do not need E3 licenses as E3 offers only a subset of services included in E5.

I have never heard of step up licenses personally and it would be great if you can get more details(where did they purchase this step up license ? , What is the benefit of having this step up license ?) from your team regarding this.