Azure CDN Custom domain https - did not get verification email

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A Kansal on Mon, 28 May 2018 21:56:25

I was following the steps at

I want to enable CDN with custom domain and HTTPS without downtime. I have added a CNAME entry with the cdnverify.www.mydomain. I have NOT added a CNAME entry for www.mydomain because my webserver redirects all traffic to HTTPS and HTTPS is not yet enabled on my cdn endpoint.  So I want to enable HTTPS before adding the CNAME entry for www.mydomain.

The website is accessible at if I explicitly type the address in the browser. Now because my webserver is set to redirect all traffic to HTTPS, my understanding is that is simply caching the 301 redirect response from my webserver and will hence send all clients to https://www.mydomain (which is not served by the CDN but my server).

The custom domain is protected by whoisguard. Therefore, my expectation per the instructions at the above link is that the certificate verification email from DigiCert will come to one of the addresses (admin@mydomain, ..., postmaster@mydomain). 

My question is: how do I tell digicert to use postmaster@mydomain (and not admin@mydomain, webmaster@mydomain...)?


TravisCragg_MSFT on Tue, 29 May 2018 20:18:22

From what I can understand, it first tries to validate ownership using the whois record. If the record is private, It will then Email several addresses in your domain.

If you are using WhoIsGuard, your record is not private. WhoIsGuard puts one of their Emails as the registrant contact, so it Is likely the email went to WhoIsGuard. You might want to consider asking if they received the approval Email. 

If the Email is still not coming as expected within 24 hours, please open a case with Microsoft Azure Support, you can do this from the portal under the "Help + Support" area.