Excel file opened through URL. How to retrieve parameters after ?

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Geek2020 on Wed, 10 Jan 2018 16:29:54

I'm opening an Excel macro-enabled workbook using a hyperlink like: http://www. mysharepointsite.com/myexcelfile.xlsm?abc,def

Is there a way within Excel VBA to retrieve the abc,def?

if not, is there another way to use the URL to pass the parameter?

Note: I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I'm constructing the URL as a link inside of an InfoPath page.  The link points to a excel file on a SharePoint site.


Deepak Saradkumar Panchal on Thu, 11 Jan 2018 09:45:00

Hi Geek2016,

Excel object model does not provide any method or property to read data from URL.

so it is not possible currently to fulfil your requirement using Excel object model.

if possible for you then you can insert the parameter in Excel file as a data and then when you open the file you can process it further.

or you can try to append parameter in Excel file name and you can use Excel VBA from other file to retrieve that parameter from that Excel file name and then you can try to programmatically open that file and use that parameters for further processing.

if you can inform us why you want to pass the data in URL and why you want it to extract by Excel VBA then we can try to find the solution , if any available.

Thanks for your understanding.



Deepak Saradkumar Panchal on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 09:41:00

Hi Geek2016,

Is your issue resolved?

I find that, After creating this thread, You did not done any follow up on this thread.

If your issue is solved then I suggest you to share your solution and mark it as an answer.

If your issue is still persist then I suggest you to refer the suggestions given by the community members may help you to solve your issue.

If then after you have any further questions then you can let us know about it.

We will try to provide further suggestions to solve it.

I suggest you to update the status of this thread. This thread is still open and will remain open until you mark the answer.

So take appropriate steps to close this thread , If your issue is resolved.

Thanks for your understanding.