Anand Sarath on Wed, 02 Mar 2016 09:35:03


In my present sharepoint scenario which is a WSS(Sharepoint 2007) two tier farm, I have a List containing hyperlinks to almost 150 of my sub-sites and all my sub-sites inherit the same permissions as my List. Problem is when I log onto my subsites using users in 'Members' group I get access denied. The members group has 'contribute' access level throughout the site, lists and subsites. 

The access denied is shown randomly, sometimes when i open the same subsite on different browsers  on one I may get access but on the other i get access denied alert.

What can be the possible cause and is there any way to resolve it.



karimSP on Tue, 29 Mar 2016 07:40:17


This issue may due to each sub sites home page has separate permission. means inheritance got braked. so try to access the sub sites lists and library directly using the members login and list URL...

if member able to login the list and libraries directly from URL, then change the permissions of each home page