2017 Deployment To DL Failing with

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dcb99 on Wed, 11 Oct 2017 22:12:29

Following is the error I'm getting when deploying to my data lake. Logged into Visual Studio, able to browse Data Lake Explorer and all of that from VS.  Here is the error during VS deployment.  Please help, this is a complete blocked: E_SMS_USER_FAILEDTORETRIEVEACCOUNTINFO

Account information for specified account could not be retrieved from metadata service.

Failed to retrieve account information for 'Microsoft'.

at token 'Microsoft', line 6
near the ###:
// Auto-generated header code

// Auto-generated header code ended
// User script

REFERENCE ASSEMBLY  ### Microsoft.Analytics.Interfaces;

DECLARE @debug int = 0;


Guy Haycock [MSFT] on Wed, 11 Oct 2017 22:48:14

I'd be happy to help.

Three things.  Microsoft.Analytics.Interfaces is always included so you don't need to reference in a U-SQL script. 

Second, when you reference an assembly, you reference the U-SQL assembly name in the U-SQL catalog.  in this case it tired to access the interfaces assembly in the analytics database in the Microsoft ADLA account which doesn't exist.  In order to reference an assembly, you have to register it first.  If you want to use the C# namespace name as the U-SQL assembly name, you have to quote it with [].

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dcb99 on Thu, 12 Oct 2017 14:03:04

RE: Microsoft.Analytics.Interfaces - Interestingly enough, I also found previously that Microsoft.Analytics.Interfaces was always included.  BUT, when I installed and used 2017 the U-SQL I wrote which worked in 2015, didn't compile!  I included the reference, and then everything compiled great, but as indicated I got the above error, which is worded a bit ambiguously.

Seeing the second part of your post, I changed the reference line to the below:

REFERENCE SYSTEM ASSEMBLY [Microsoft.Analytics.Interfaces];

Now it deploys successfully. 

Only question remaining at this point is why 2017 isn't including the assembly by default per your expectation.  I have installed the latest updates, so, I'd assume everything should be working.  Please advise.


Dian Zhang (Data Lake Tools) on Mon, 16 Oct 2017 03:30:22

Did the script failed to compile at local or cluster? Could you share us your script and job link for investigate?