DQS Precedence Rules

Category: sql server dataquality


Rarmiro Millan on Fri, 06 Jun 2014 13:38:32

i have a question around DQS with Domain Values and Composite Rules.

let's say i have three doamins, A, B and a composite Domain C (A + B)

i have some domain value for Domain A

XXX -> 111

YYY -> 222

ZZZ-> 333

also i have a composite rule that say

IF Domain B = TTT then Domain A = 444

now i have this input,

Domain A = XXX

Domain B = TTT

as you can see two rule should impact Domain A, the questio is which rule has precedence

Domain A should have the result of 111 (based on Domain Value) or 444 (based on Composite rule)

any thoughts?