Connection between Configuration Server and Azure Vault

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Abe Hermawan on Mon, 04 Apr 2016 10:11:27

Hi, there..

i have a condition like this,

i'm using ASR between two site of VMWare host (physical server). And i did verification of azure vault's key on my Configuration server (CS), i cut the internet off from my CS. After, maybe a month, i got a report from my InMage Scout (Web Interface) about there is no connection internet on CS to azure vault. Azure pause my protection plan and replication process.

My question is,


is there any scheduled validation from azure vault to azure's key that installed on CS? I mean that every 3 weeks or a month, azure vault do the test connection to the Configuration server.


if i connect CS to the internet again, how do i run my protection plan and my replication disk?

I am sorry my english is bad. I hope you get my point.

thank you.

abe hermawan


Girish Prajwal on Wed, 06 Apr 2016 17:51:49


Sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your query. We will involve our experts on this issue.

Girish Prajwal

Chpaga on Wed, 06 Apr 2016 20:41:59

Configuration Server required internet access in order to register ASR vault.

If you cut internet access, then it will work for only 30 days after that pairs will pause.

First 30 days only given free after that metering will start automatically. If Configuration Server is not syncing for 30 days then it will pause all the replication pairs.

You need to connect internet again to CS. after that you can download vault key and register register again.

Restart the cxpsprocesserver service in PS servers and check the status.

if it is not working in any case, please can you open case so that we will look into and troubleshot further.

Abe Hermawan on Thu, 07 Apr 2016 03:20:56

Hi Chpaga,

this information that i really need. You are really helpful.

Thank you very much.