Reduction of Testing Time on Dev/Test Enviroment in Azure

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Subhashdas2018 on Sat, 06 Oct 2018 08:32:02

If I migrate my Dev/Test Environment to Azure. How I can reduce the testing time from 8 Hours to 1 Hours and increase on the concurrent Users? Will auto scaling for reduction in testing will help?


Micah McKittrick on Sat, 06 Oct 2018 15:24:41

Can you provide more information about your dev environment? Or are you referring to Azure DevTest Labs

Subhashdas2018 on Mon, 08 Oct 2018 04:18:17

    • Current High Priority Need:
      1. The objective is to reduce the current test cycle time (i.e., 8 hours to 1 hr) and increase the product delivery lifecycle, eventually improving software quality
    1. Currently, ABC team is testing the web based application (Built on .NET and SQL DB)
  1. on 2 servers for running 500 test cases using 5 client machines using Chrome browser after every build release
  2. The time consumed for testing is 8 hours and it has lot of impact on the time delivery to production and to end customers
  3. Additionally, due to the constant load from the clients, the test server slows down, further causing the delay
  4. Currently software test is done On-Premises using shared infrastructure (2 Servers and 5 Clients)
  5. ABC is looking for a cloud based test lab solution to scale the instances from to 2 to X. so that test cycle is completed in 1 hr
  6. Re-use the test instance images (App&DB) for further tests
  7. The DB after each test run should be restored
  8. The solution should create this re-usable environment so that the instances spin up and shut down whenever the test is required.
  9. There is also a possibility of running parallel tests for different builds in the same time frame
  10. The target frequency of running these test cases is two times in a day

Technologies : .NET application, DB- SQL Standard; Browser – Chrome 8 ; Test automation tool – Selenium Web Driver; Client OS – Windows 10

Test Infra Requirements:

  • App Server : App Server – 4core 12 GB RAM; Windows OS
  • DB Server: DB Server – 4 Core 12 GB; Windows OS

Clients – 7 Windows clients ; 2 cor, 2 GB RAM with Chrome browser 68

Can Dev Test environment helps here or should I have to consider VM scale out option or Web -Queue-Worker Role?

Tanmayee Kamath on Wed, 30 Jan 2019 22:36:24


Yes Azure DevTest Labs can definitely help in your scenario. Would you like to see a quick demo of the service? 

We can determine next steps from there.

Here are some resources on getting started:


Our team blog:

Please let us know how you would like to proceed.