Using performance point filter with powerpivot report

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Question on Mon, 27 Oct 2014 16:53:49


We use Performance point filter with Excel report on Sharepoint + ExcelServices.

All work fine with an excel report that request directly an OLAP database.

But if the excel report use a set of PowerPivot data, we get an error Instead of the report to get displayed, specifying an assignment error of one or more filters.


* I create an Excel chart based on a set of PowerPivot data.

* I add filters to this PowerPivot data in Excel.

* I give names to filters

* I  publish this report on a SharePoint site. (Chart + parameters properly defined in the publish options dialog)

* In PerformancePoint, I join the excel chart, so I have access to filters.

* I add a PerfomancePoint filter to control Excel filter

* I create the connection between Excel parameter and PerformancePoint filter (unique members or display value = same result)

* I publish everything on SharePoint.

* I display the report: If i select anything in filter box, I get the error

Do i miss something ?