Aggregation of data as a way to accelerate the speed of generating reports

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Oksana Fostyak on Sun, 16 Mar 2014 08:41:58

I have the task to aggregate data in the etl process, but i can not understand have i can  do it.
 I have   done the DW for Sakila DB - test Mysql DB about sales  of video disks.
Here is shema. And in FacRental are only raw data.
I am interesting about FacRentals. What data i must aggregate on ETL process if my tasks to dw are:
1 ) Get the average rental amount (total amount , number of transactions, the rental ) Running average of three months , a day for all types of movies ( the selected category , the category list ) in the geographical section, in the context of workers drawn agreement in the context of languages ​​( original and translation)
2) Show the best ( worst ) 5 product by the number of transactions , amount of orders ( add chapter categories)
3) Show the best ( worst ) 5 customers ( one of the best \ worst ) by the number of transactions , term rental ( add category movies)
4) Schedule orders ( amount, number) for the first week of each month
5) Weekly report for orders ( on the basis of a month ) in the context of product categories
6) The median value of orders ( monthly ) by class of product and region (country customer)
7 ) Rating of actors on product categories (those that ordered the better - above)
Can i count some of these values in etl process. And if it is possible there i must store such data??