Not able to upload a file to storage lake gen2

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___Ash on Wed, 23 Oct 2019 13:56:56

Hello there,

I am Not able to upload a file to storage lake gen2, it prompts for storage explorer/az copy unlike BLOB storage.

why is it mandatory to use separate storage explorer for this.... whats port number for storage explorer to be opened because all request for storage explorer connectivity time out which is very very bad...

why create separate interface which is not accessible...why not inbuild the explorer to standard UI... azure seems to be miles behind AWS/other cloud providers due to such crazy mistakes on its part.?

first separate storage explorer in the name of facilitating users and then making it mandatory unlike BLOB and then nobody knows whats its port has been long time I am not able to access data lake gen 2 due to it...pls asssit on priority or else I need to discard storage lake account and configure my stuff on BLOB / look for another cloud vendor where I can upload files to their dumb storage.


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MartinJaffer-MSFT on Wed, 23 Oct 2019 22:59:06

Hello Ash and thank you for your question.  There was recently a service disruption which impacted storage.  Are you still facing the issue?