Le Nguyen 79 on Fri, 20 Oct 2017 09:23:14

Hi all,

On Visual stidio 2010 C#, i use IDesignerHost interface to create form can design control at runtime. I have 3 question:

Question 1: On this form, i can select all control by use MenuService with parameter is StandardCommands.SelectAll. But i can not select one control by code when i have control name or index(by click a button).

Question 2: Can I fix form size by code then the user can not resize by drag on the age of form ?

Question 3: When I create a control by click on Listbox then click on host form, the control was created on form but it have default size. Can I change this default size when create control.

Can you have me!
Thanks you very much.
Best regard.