Rebuild VS 2012 Solution using Devenv.exe for Release (x86 , x64).

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Ashu_K on Thu, 13 Oct 2016 11:52:46


I want to rebuild my VS 2012 solution (vs2012projs.sln) for build configuration release x86 and x64 from command line using devenv.exe.

Solution vs2012projs.sln is a single solution which contains multiple VS2012 projects. By rebuilding this single solution, I want to rebuild all those projects.

Problem is, AFAIK,  /rebuild switch of devenv.exe does not accept build configuration(x86/x64 or Win32 etc) input in command line.

If I add it like "release|x86", syntax error is displayed at "|x86"

Given only release switch, it some times rebuilds for x64 and sometimes for x86. I have observed that this behavior changes if we change active solution configuration of main solution vs2012projs.sln. I may be wrong as well. 

I want help in Rebuilding for both x86 & x64 configuration from command line.

I appreciate your help in advance.




Zhanglong Wu on Tue, 18 Oct 2016 06:22:14

Hi Ashu_K,

Could you please provide a complete command?

Best regards,

Cole Wu