Invoke workflow from ... workflow

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Simone Cherici on Fri, 02 Jan 2015 15:22:42

Hi everybody as you know as wf became huge performance degrade, so one possible solution (I think) is to "split" workflow services and find a way to call them (and possibly receive a result) from a main one. To achieve this there are some problems that need a solution:

  1. supposing we have to call wf of the same scope, the main one need to know its scope path
  2. we need to "code" an activity that use wfm client to invoke the child one.
  3. as wfm client invoke wf and does not wait for a responce, we need to find a way to achieve this and receive a result.

I have no idea about the first point...and you?

For the second one I really don't like to implement an activity that use wfm client to invoke the child wf but I have no other idea...and you?

About the third one I think the best way is to take advantage of  the pub/sub pattern: the main wf subscribe for a notification with a specific BuildMatchAllFilter and the child one at the end of its execution post a notification to the correct scope (again...) with the correct filter (that could be an input argument of the child wf) with a message content (in that way we also have a result back).

What do you think about?


I forget...happy new year!


Simone Cherici on Mon, 30 Jan 2017 08:12:06

I've found an activity called GetInstanceAddress that return a string with the full path of the running instance like this:


another step beyond...