Rahul Sinha-Elevondata on Mon, 05 Sep 2016 10:26:33

I have an Azure Data Lake Analytics U-SQL script to process web click-stream data. I have created an Assembly wherein there is a C# user defined function to make an external API call to get Geo Location details (latitude, longitude etc.) based on an input IP Address.  This code works fine as a Console App in Visual Studio. But when I reference the Assembly in a U-SQL job, I get the following error: (Pls note – other functions in this assembly work fine with U-SQL).


Inner exception from user expression: The remote name could not be resolved: '' Current row dump: …



==== Caught exception System.Net.WebException

   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

   at DnnHelperClassesUSQL.GeoLocation.getLocationFromIP(String strIPAddress)

   at ___Scope_Generated_Classes___.SqlFilterTransformer_6.Process(IRow row, IUpdatableRow output) in d:\data\CCS\jobs\...\__ScopeCodeGen__.dll.cs:line 374




Error while evaluating expression DnnHelperClassesUSQL.GeoLocation.getLocationFromIP(clientIP)

Here is the C# code snippet from the Assembly:

// Create a WebRequest with the IP Address.

WebRequest _objWebRequest = WebRequest.Create("" + strIPAddress);

_objWebRequest.Timeout = 5000;

// Get the WebResponse 

WebResponse _objWebResponse = _objWebRequest.GetResponse();

// Exception is raised at this point.


MRys on Mon, 05 Sep 2016 22:38:08

Dear Rahul

We currently do not allow your custom code to execute remote resources (IP addresses). The reason for that is that a careless use of that feature could appear to the target end point as a denial of service attack (think about 10 million rows that all need to do a REST call within a few minutes!) and either shut that end point down, or black list the Azure Service.

Local run works, because it does not run in a sandboxed VM like the service.

I would suggest to get the mapping as a file, deploy it as a resource (DEPLOY RESOURCE) and then do a local lookup.

Feel free though to file or vote for a request at, if you really need access to a specific webservice.