passiflora tsui on Mon, 27 May 2019 10:58:39

Recently I'm trying to develop an powerpoint add-in for inserting and viewing 360 spherical images in Powerpoint, and I wonder which kind of add-in (ActiveX, OLE, VSTO, etc.) should be developed, here are the requirements (Priorities from high to low):

1. Instances of the add-in can be inserted multiple times in any slides like other elements in "Insert" tab with its width and heigh can be set arbitrarily, and in each instance, it can load 360 image from file, allows users to interactively rotate and scale the image like other 360 viewers when showing the presentation, and the embedded instances goes with the ppt file that allows to be properly used in other computers with supported Powerpoint version and add-in version

2. Can be installed and used offline

3. Works in both Win and Mac, compatible with Office 2013 and later

4. Using the latest add-in technology

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!