Microsoft Azure Scheduled backups doesn't run automatically???

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Suavi Oden on Fri, 11 Nov 2016 16:49:03

If I click run backup now it works fine but scheduled backups won't kick off.  Still on free trail if we cannot figure this out we won't be buying for sure.  This issue started right away so I take it product is broke?  Please respond as soon as possible.

PS: Not happy about no other way to get help on this product other than this site!  Poor support!


Suavi Oden on Fri, 11 Nov 2016 16:49:47

Open to any other suggestions for cloud backups...Thank you!

vikranth s on Sat, 12 Nov 2016 07:56:27


Thank you for posting here!

Did the schedule backup worked before?

What version Azure backup agent are you using? Kindly install the latest version (2.0.9052.0) of the backup agent from here and check the status.

Which version of windows operating system are you using?

When you create a backup policy or backup schedule, the MAB agent creates a scheduled task in windows. You can view the scheduled task created by MAB agent by right clicking on the start menu > select Run > type: taskschd.msc > expand Microsoft > select Online Backup


Alternatively, you can go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler -> expand Microsoft -> select Online Backup

Below is the screenshot of the task:



If there are no errors in Cbengine logs or indication of a job started, then potentially the issue is that the task scheduler service didn’t invoke the backup or the scheduled job didn’t start.



1.Check the history of the Microsoft-OnlineBackup task by double clicking the job and looking at the history tab to if there are any errors or the task was initiated:

 For example: 



2.Alternatively, you can look at the Task scheduler event log to determine if the job even got triggered on those dates, if it did whether it was successful.

Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler/Operational is located under Application and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> TaskScheduler




Note: Step 1 and Step 2 will only show the events if the Task History is turned on. If you don't see any events under history tab of the task or Taskscheduler event log then Task History is most likely disabled. You can turn on Task History by Clicking on Task Schedule (local)-> Click on Action menu -> Click on Enable All Tasks History

3.Ensure the Microsoft-OnlineBackup task is not disabled or deleted.

If it is disabled, then enable the task. If the task was missing, then simply going through MAB UI to modify the schedule and then simply going through the Schedule Backup wizard and clicking Finish should recreate the scheduled task.

4.If the task is present and enabled, then right click on the task and select run to try to reproduce the error but first enable "allow task to be run on demand" must be checked in the settings tab of the task in order to run the command.


Try to run the task and check the history of Task Scheduler to see if there is an error logged.


5.Inside the actions tab you will see in the details the actual PowerShell cmdlet the task is attempting to run, run that command manually from a PowerShell window to see if it works or you can produce an error.  



6.If the execution policy for PowerShell is set to restricted, then the PowerShell cmdlet execution may fail. You can validate the execution policy by running the following command:

Get-ExecutionPolicy -List

If this the case, you may be able to reproduce the issue by running the cmdlet from PowerShell directly. You can set the execution policy to unrestricted or remotesigned

Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted




Vikranth S.



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