Forbidden 403 when trying to "Put a message on a queue".

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Aaron Cutlip on Mon, 06 Feb 2017 16:37:20

I have setup a simple Logic App that is using the "Azure Queues - Put a message on a queue (preview)" action.   I have setup the connection (Connection Name, Storage Account Name, Shared Storage Key), and the action connects and then shows me a list of queues that I have available in the "Queue name" dropdown which I would think indicates I have configured the connection correctly.

However, when the Logic App is triggered the "Put a message on a queue" action fails with a Forbidden 403.  I have verified that if I use the same "Shared Storage Key" in the Azure Storage Explorer tool, I can see the queues and can create messages in them without an issue.   I have read online that this 403 can be caused if the time zone of the calling system is configured to use a different time zone, but I am not sure how I would control that or if it is even related to my problem.

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Update 2/7/2017:  I have configured the exact same action in "Flow" instead of "Logic Apps" and it works fine there.   One thing noteworthy, is that in "Flow" the "Put a message on a queue" does not say "(preview)" like it does in "Logic Apps.


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hWeishaupt on Tue, 14 Feb 2017 15:20:06

I've got the same problem. Using Flow instead of Logic Apps is no feasible solution to me. It would be great to hear a solution to the Problem. To me it seems to be random. Some times I succeed in putting a message to the queue, most times I don't with a 403 response.