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Ugaledeepak on Wed, 06 Mar 2013 05:08:52

Hi Team,

Does DQS enriches its KB with each runs ?

For example : if i had domain called Company Name,and on first run i had encounter the companyname as 'ABC' ,it will treat as "New value" , but when i  rerun again with company name 'ABCD' will it use fuzzy matching with it prior data to compare?

Also how  KB get enriched itself ?

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Ugaledeepak on Fri, 08 Mar 2013 07:02:12

Hi Team ,

It will be really very helpful,if any guidence on how fuzzy matching works in DQS for confidence level ?

Also how to enriched KB after each run ?

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BillAnton on Tue, 12 Mar 2013 19:18:16

Take a look at this:

The DQS cleansing (SSIS) component can be used to automatically clean records based on the KB, but it cannot be used to enrich the KB.  Enriching the KB is typically an iterative and semi-manual process.

However, the DQS cleansing (SSIS) component will segment the data into buckets: correct, corrected, suggested, and invalid.  The suggested/invalid records can be piped out to a table where a data steward can review them and run them through DQS to enrich the KB.  Then, the next time the data runs through the SSIS package, the enrichments made by the data steward will be picked up and the records will be cleaned appropriately.

Data Quality Management (DQM) is a process.  Data Quality Services (DQS) is simply a Microsoft tool aimed at streamlining the DQM process by automating the work workflow (where possible) and providing statistical analysis to help make correct decisions when building/enriching KBs and cleaning data.


Kumar Vivek on Thu, 14 Mar 2013 08:49:39

That's a great answer Bill!

Additionally, DQS does provide you the capability to import data quality knowledge gathered during the cleansing process in a cleansing project or an Integration Services package containing the DQS Cleansing component into a domain. This ensures that that trusted knowledge is not lost, and the knowledge base is continually improved.

For detailed information on how to use this feature, see Import Cleansing Project Values into a Domain.

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