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we would like to share our experience for a custommer using Dell T430 with Windows Server 2012 + Veritas BackupExec v15 + MS AzureBackup Agent; probable other users here on this forum or even searching on google could be face the same issues or msg erros like these.

This customer bought a new external HardDrive USB (1.5TB) and after replace it the BackupExec cannot backup data into it; after some days we realize that MS Azure Backup Agent cannot perform the backup operations, showing a msg like that:

"VSS Snapshot created for backup disappeared while backup was in progress. Please retry the backup. If the issue persist, check whether the backuped up volume has atleast 1.2 GB free space. (0x186EA)"

Looking our data disk 'D:' has 1.19 TB of free space and the disk C: has 9,23GB of free space (both on Disk0) - so it´s not the case.

Just for a maintenance, we also used the DSIM utility to review disk space as the article (near below) and then use the parameter '/StartComponentCleanup /resetBase' since the '/analyzecomponentstore' parameter recommended us to perform the cleanup. The usefull article is this: But as previously said, disk space was not the case and we regain only 480MB after that.

We realize an alert on EventViewer\Application as 'VSS ID 12305' and after some research we found some articles asking to review disk status - and our disks are online/healthy. Another vision is that the command 'Vssadmin list writers' shows all as 'stable' and 'no errors' for all itens.

We found a lot of EventViewer\System warning entries for ID '51' reporting '\Device\Harddisk1\DR1' for pagination operation, so we realize that our system was set to use pagefile in 'automatic' mode - using all disks. So we set it to manuall and use only C: drive and remove the USB drive and voilà!! That entry stops to occurs and the MBA (Microsoft Azure Backup Agent) start to works fine.

** Phisically our disks was with GREEN led instead YELLOW as was suspected befor visit that customer.
** Total time expend 01:30.



SumanthMarigowda-MSFT on Fri, 26 Jan 2018 14:38:35

Create a Technical Support Ticket as our engineers would need to work with you on the issue and would require more details on the issue to find the root cause of the issue.


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Adam Smith (Azure) on Wed, 21 Feb 2018 18:51:10

Thanks for the insights and information, Could post an additional comment to mark it as an answer since this is an advice on how to resolve the issue.