Content compliance getting failed in release 11

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VTSatish on Sat, 18 May 2013 05:19:23


We have an app that is already released on Windows Store (release 10 available on store).

Soon after we released the 10th version, we had to do a very small technical fix and had to release again. But this time, to our surprise the app certification is getting failed.

Our app (QuizMagic - had also cleared the AFT review with same set of features for which the release 11 is getting failed. This is an edutainment kind of app with lots of quizzes that a user can attempt unlimited times and gets points for them. The app is enabled for 12+ audience only.

We don't want to categorize this app as 'Games'. Tried 3-4 times with notes to tester explaining why our app is not an Games app, also asked for suggestions. But every time, certification gets failed and all the time we get the same notes from tester -

Content compliance is getting failed with following reason -

Your app doesn't meet requirement 6.2.   Learn more

Your app doesn't meet requirement 6.11.  Learn more

Notes from Testers:     Your submission includes markets which require a rating from a recognized ratings board. Please see for more information on the ratings boards for the Windows Store. For more information on obtaining a game rating certificate, please see: Apps that are designed and marketed as a game must be submitted under the 'Games' category.

Can somebody help or suggest what should we do here to resolve this without having to categorize our app as Games.



Roberts_E on Wed, 29 May 2013 00:11:44

Hello VTSatish,

One of the Support Engineers had some great ratings advice, and although it is not perfectly fitting I wanted it provided before we asked you to open a support ticket. For app specific issues such as this, a forum post is a great resource but a private ticket is best fitting.

Support Engineer Steven has this to say about rating confusion:

If you (the developer) are submitting a game that includes a market that is allows self-rating or to use the rating of another board, you (the developer) will still need add that self-rating/equivalent to the GDF file for the rating system that applies to that market.

Important: The Windows Store displays only those ratings specified in the language resource instance identified as Neutral (NEU) in the GDF. Make sure all of the ratings are included in this instance.

For example:

DJCTQ allows for self-rating if the game has already been rated by PEGI or ESRB. If the game has Brazil as one of its markets, the developer will need to add an equivalent DJCTQ rating as well as the rating from PEGI and/or ESRB in the instance that is identified as Neutral (NEU) when creating the GDF file.

For a list of the rating boards and the processes that each board uses for evaluation, please see the information that is provided in the link below:
Windows Store – Rating boards for Windows apps

For steps on how to create a GDF file for a project please refer to the information in the link below:
Windows Store – Create a GDF file

This information will be covered in an upcoming mini session, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have regarding this so that those questions can also be covered with the content above.

</Steven Engineer Blurb>

So following that info, is you are still having problems getting your app certified, reach out to us here at developer support, we would be thrilled to help!