Kenny_I on Fri, 13 Jun 2014 13:42:55

I would like to build 100% Azure VM base solution. We can install as many as needed.
I have large amount data in DW. (100GB-1000GB)
I would like to provide PowerView reports in SharePoints.
I would like to have report data be as real time as possible. (Min data is updated once in 2 hours)

These are requirements:
-SharePoint 2013
-SQL Server DW&Staging DB (Currently DW&Staging on same server)

I need help specially what can be done with SSAS to meet requirements? Should be installed to own application server? Possible to install multiple SSAS? SSRS needs own server?

I appreciate also links to server topology diagrams.



GregGalloway on Sat, 14 Jun 2014 12:48:40

I assume you mean 100GB-1000GB (not 1000TB) right?

For Sharepoint I would refer to the sizing guide for diagrams and sizing:

SSRS (and Power View) will run in the SharePoint farm on a SharePoint app server potentially with other SharePoint services.

I would definitely put SSAS on a dedicated server for a cube that size. Depending on how well your data compresses, there may not be a VM in Azure with enough RAM to put your model into a Tabular SSAS model. I would prototype it with a subset of data to see how well it compresses. You can always use a Multidimensional model as a fallback.

Depending on how much processing the SSAS model impacts user queries (since it is happening during the day) you could build an SSAS processing server and a separate SSAS query server and run the XMLA Synchronize command to copy the cube incrementally from processing to query servers.

Does that help?