ADF Tumble trigger start time reset and dependency rule for rerun failed slice

Category: azure data factory


nanda.s on Sun, 27 May 2018 15:17:17

Hi ,
Need suggestion.have tumble window trigger for the pipeline which run every 30mint.In case of any pipeline failed next instance of the pipeline run. so in weekend if some failure are there by weekdays it ran significant no of slices .
As per data logic the slice data load should be in sequence else we need to run all the slice from point of failure.

Could you please suggest how should we enable pipeline run dependency with in trigger like how next trigger only run once prev instance of the pipeline succeed.
Second how to reset the trigger start time to the failed slice time for above scenario even few slice failed the trigger went to future time depending on the no of slices ran..

Is there any way to do it in ADF monitor directly/like some setup or job dependence or need to do using power-shell script.Could you please share details.