Deploying a windows forms Application

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gsffr on Thu, 25 Apr 2013 07:07:56


I need some help on the subject in title.

I have two applications using a SQL server database.

One to create update or Find / review articles (Called the APPLI1).

The other other search / review articles (Called the APPLI2).

Both applications must run on workstations independently.

APPLI1 an administrator (different from me)

APPLI2 a multitude of users.

I come to the deployment stage and find myself facing an unprecedented situation for me.

I actually need to know how to:

Export base and Exe APPLI1 to the administrator.

Export base and Exe APPLI2 to all user workstations and admistrator shipping in the database in the program.

My workstation has SQL Server 2008 R2 / or SQLserver 2012.

The administrator will have the best job in SQL Server Express.

Users will not have SQL server.

In addition, how to license management.

If my explanation is not sufficiently clear, I am available for any further.

Thank you for the help that you will give me.


Gabriel Souffir


Maggie Luo on Wed, 01 May 2013 09:01:04

Hi gsffr,

You want to deploy a Windows forms Application based on SQL Server. I am not very understand your requirement and goal about SQL Server database. Please explain in detail for further investigation.


robo74 on Sat, 04 May 2013 20:03:53


I don't know whether this belongs in this forum or not. 

It sounds to me that you want to deploy two applications and you are seeking advice on how to do this.

I would set up one SQL SERVER express computer and have all the applications use that computer's SQL Server.  You don't have to deploy the database to each computer.  You just need to change your connection strings to point to that one computer.

You can have more than one database on SQL Express, and your limitations will be that it will only be able to use 1GB of ram and that you are limited in database size to I believe 10gb. I do not know the limitations of the concurrent users/connections.

With the deployment, if you are using Visual Studio 2010, you have the ability to use a setup project with your application that will build an .msi installer file for you.

Should you outgrow the limitations of SQL Express, you can upgrade to a full version of SQL which is licensed either by users or the cores on the processor of the computer you use.

Without more specific information, this is the best I can do to help you. You may end up needing to break this question up in stages and ask specific questions in the appropriate forums.

Thanks and hope this helps

Glenn Wilson on Sun, 05 May 2013 21:56:39

I would start by making sure youe applications use configuration files that would store the connection strings to the database.

I would then have 3 seperate installers for the application (This is the easy way, you could write an installer that could do the complete package, but breaking it up would be easier)

1. First Installer would be the Database Engine and files, this should install SQL Express and then deploy the database.

2. Second Installer would deploy your administration application

3. Installer would deploy the client application

When building the installers it will give you the chance to install and pre req that the applications need. Once the install is complete you can then distribute the configuration files with the connection strings and such to the clients and administrators machines. If done right this could be the same file for each machines to minimize deployments.