Gregory S Armstrong on Wed, 31 Aug 2016 00:32:12

This is for issues using the CLI commands to import a zones into DNS Zones (Preview).  Basically after the import, the zone file is missing some of the records.  Mostly got somewhat cryptic related warnings, in one case the CLI command did not produce a warning

The source of the zone file is 'Windows 2008 R2 Standard' . I have resolved the problems by manually creating the problem records. I hope this will be forwarded to the Dev team to resolve the problem or document work a around for the issues.

1) the most serious problem is that it did not import the SPF record and it did not show any warning to that fact. 

2) The Windows 2008 R2 zone file has banks in the host field when there are more than one IP for the host (for round robin lookups). I fixed the zone file and re-imported to correct the problem. This would be helpful if it was fixed to handle that or provide that as a warning in the documentation.

3) It did not import the MX record for the zone.  The warning is very cryptic:

\warn:    g record set "@" of type "MX"



Jonathan Tuliani on Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:45:56

Hi Gregory,

Thank you for the feedback.

#1 and #2 are known issues, which we are planning to fix in the September Azure CLI release.  (Note that SPF records are deprecated by RFC7208, which says TXT should be used instead...we plan to convert SPF into TXT during import, and provide a warning.)

For #3, please can you share your zone file (or a subset that reproducing the issue) via email to, so we can investigate further?


Jonathan Tuliani, Program Manager, Azure DNS