Kannaiav on Thu, 19 Oct 2017 10:07:59


Please find below the step by step scenario :

    • Logging it to Tableau server, most probably using a service account
    • Making sure the dashboard view is refreshed from server (skipping/cleaning/refreshing the cache)
    • Getting the dashboard image by one of the following alternatives (from easiest to most difficult)
    • Screenshot
    • Use Tableaus pdf/png download function, but only if alternative to commenting using web elements is implemented. This image/pdf download can be achieved by accessing a special Tableau server url (2017.10.09 comment – this option is not feasible yet, no alternative to web elements for comments has been implemented))
    • Download dashboard html code, render the dashboard image using command line tools (JavaScriot to html: e.g. phantomJS, html to image: e.g. wkhtmltopdf or wkhtmltoimage)
  • Generating the ppt file with embedded dashboard images
  • Storing the ppt file in Ericoll (SharePoint)

Please advice .




Lee__li on Fri, 20 Oct 2017 02:52:02


For ‘how-to’ questions related third-party libraries/products, I would suggest you post in third-party forum so you will get the most qualified pool of respondents, and other partners who read the forums regularly can either share their knowledge.

While, below thread about phantomjs may helpful for your reference.

For creating ppt files, you could try with PptxGenJS below.

For uploading files to SharePoint, you could use rest api: /_api/web/getfolderbyserverrelativeurl('{1}')/files/add(overwrite=true, url='{2}')

You could check below thread for sample.


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Kannaiav on Mon, 23 Oct 2017 07:22:45

Thanks for the reply

Lee__li on Tue, 24 Oct 2017 09:17:48


You could share your solution here and mark it as answer and mark helpful post as answer so it will help other community members find the helpful information quickly.

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