Uploading .sql file broke my app?

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Brandon J Miller on Tue, 18 Jul 2017 23:40:01

I seem to have broken my app by simply uploading a .sql file...

I'm kind of new to Azure, but I ran a query to delete all tables and restore them with new values earlier, and that is when my app started getting a 500 Internal Server Error...

I attached application insights to the app and saw there was a table __MigrationHistory.. Would this be the root cause? I have no idea what I did...

To make things even more weird, I deleted the new tables, created a new db from a restore point, generated a sql file from that, and used that to restore but I'm STILL getting the 500 error..


Brandon J Miller on Wed, 19 Jul 2017 02:43:55

Nevermind, I fixed it. Was a problem with ID mismatching.