How to update a list without removing lookup references? Need ideas.

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RSBHM on Thu, 31 Jan 2013 19:24:41

The following is just an example to explain what I need to do, not really how we have this setup.

List A - contains telephone numbers

List B - contains names

List C - Contains lookup fields and each records was added manually by using drop down menus pointed back to table A and B.

I now have been asked to update list A and B, however, some data will reamin the same, other data will be deteled, and some data will be updated.   The problem is they don't want me to break any relationship that have already been created in table C. 

I thought I could just copy the new data in data sheet view into table A and B, under the existing data and then delete the existing data leaving only the new data remaining.  The looksup that were still valid would remain, but that's not the case... even though the values are the same in the new data, once I delete the old data the lookup disappears.  Any ideas on how to update list A and B, without disturbing the exisiting references in C?


romeo donca on Thu, 31 Jan 2013 20:19:13


in list C, create new 2 columns: COL_FOR_EVER_NAME, COL_FOR_EVER_PHONE ;)

attach to your list a workflow, which will start when an item is added ( use SHP Designer which is free and easy to use )

In this wkf, replace COL_FOR_EVER_NAME with litsA'a lookup value and COL_FOR_EVER_PHON with listB' lookup value

This way

even values from list A or B, are deleted, COL_FOR_EVER_NAME and  COL_FOR_EVER_PHONE  will remain with initial values