ILB and SQL Basic Availability Groups

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bananapete on Mon, 04 Jul 2016 08:13:08

At the moment I can only establish a single ILB to access a SQL Availability Group.  The problem I have is that using the Standard version of SQL allows for the use of Basic Availability Groups only.  A BAG permits 1 database per AG.  Since I have 5 or so DBs, I was planning to create an equal number of AG's.  That all works fine from a SQL point of view and the Availability Groups are created.  However, when I try to establish a connection to the AG I need to use an Azure Internal Load Balancer and I hit a problem as I can only create one ILB per availability set which the SQL servers are part of.  This would work fine for the Enterprise version of SQL as I could have multiple DBs in the AG but the price for that is beyond the reach for a company of my size.  With SQL mirroring being deprecated, a high availability SQL solution appears to have been stripped out of the product when used on Azure.  SQL Azure is not an option for us either as I need Service broker.

Has anyone overcome this limitation?  Are there plans to allow for more than one ILB per virtual machine availability set?




Dennisc2 on Mon, 04 Jul 2016 08:29:18


  Just wondering why do you need ILB in the first place? I assume you are using on-perm SQL, so DAG will create a virtual name for you already (even in basic mode), hence you do not require ILB. Am I missing something here?