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When a site collection was created, I enabled the Document ID feature at site collection level.  Then some item was created in a document library as well as list libarary

Now it was decided that we dont want the Document ID feature so I disable the feature from Collection feature list

Still when a user view the property of a document it shows the Document ID property with the ID (when click on the ID it shows the message that 

This Site Collection is not configured to use Document IDs.

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Correlation ID: 9640ac9f-4b9c-4ae8-9f0b-402ed7e3b3c5)     Is there anything that I should do so that DOcument ID property does not show on the document property page... I tried to looked at the content type to see if I can remove the document ID but I could not find the Document ID as a property that can be removed from the type


Rock Wang– MSFT on Mon, 13 Feb 2012 08:12:54



I would just remove the column from the view.  You can make views for each list, it you look under the list by Clicking List while the list is open, you should see a link in the ribbon which say "Modify view" click this link.  This link will open the edit view page you can then uncheck the box for the column which will remove it form that view.

According to this

Deactivating the feature removes links to the Site Collection Settings page, makes the page that is used to look up document IDs no longer available, turns off the document ID service, and stops assigning document IDs. The server does not remove the columns that it adds at the site level when the feature is first activated so that, even after deactivation, the existing document IDs are preserved. After the feature is deactivated, users who try to use a static URL to look up an item by its document ID see an error message indicating that "This Site Collection is not configured to use document IDs."

The Document id service will add new columns to the document content type and the document set content type.  It also adds an event receiver which should be deactivated when you deactivate the doc id service.  Theoretically.  You should be able to go in and remove the columns from the document type, and then force an update.


Rock Wang

Vijay Honeywell on Fri, 14 Sep 2012 14:36:24


I am having quite similar problem with a difference:

  • I am working on the document id feature of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise version. I am able to get the document ids now for every document uploaded in the site collection. The problem is that now, I don't want to use the document ids and want to disable it entirely so that it will not generate the document ids.

    To do that, I have deactivated the document id feature from the site collection. Even after deactivating it, SharePoint is generating the document IDs for every document.

    How to deactivate the document id feature so that SharePoint will not generate the document id for the documents?



Muggers on Thu, 20 Nov 2014 15:24:44

I don't think this is correct.  Removing the Document ID from the view will not remove it from showing up when clicking on the 'Edit Properties' or 'View Properties' as the user requested. 

I am having a similar problem with Document Sets.  I have Document IDs enabled for the site but want to hide them from the view and edit properties for document sets.

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Unbelievable!!!!!!!! That was not even close to being the correct answer. Isn't it sad that 95% or more of the questions posted on technet are answered by other people who have solved the problem themselves? Not the MS support people?