Pros and cons of incoming e-mail features in sharepoint 2010?

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Carphuntin_god on Tue, 18 May 2010 16:29:59

I'm searching around for information on distinct problems with using the incoming e-mail features of sharepoint 2010.  I'm finding various posts and pages discussing setting up the service...and some make mention of things to limit the incoming usage in specific ways... but I'm more looking for either a detailed doc that lists all hazards and their remedies.... or other best practice docs for securing this service.

I'm looking as I've been tasked with finding out what our risks are if we enable the service in our sp2010 deployment.

From reading pages on setting up the feature, I'm also wondering how within sharepoint you can limit the usage of the service.  Either limiting the users that can turn the service on, restricting which site collections can use the service, and even limiting which lists, etc. can have the service turned on.

Hopefully this is enough info for someone to say "I know what you're looking for... read this."



SClark_EasyBins on Thu, 13 Dec 2012 21:10:42

I don't believe the single source you seek exists. But, given the amount of research you've done, I'd suggest posting it.  You'll become the Email-Enabled List King! :D

Another thing to worry about is that all email address are shared across the entire farm, so it's good to establish a naming convention to prevent duplication.  (i.e. Only one email can be MyList@..., MyLibrary@..., etc )