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MilanDasek on Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:12:11


Can I ask you for help with Azure?

I have added my MS account under our domain in Azure and I am still not able to login using my MS account.

When I use my MS account – it says: No subscriptions found.

But I set my account to be global admin, I also tried service admin, nothing helps!

What am I missing?




Shirisha Paderu on Fri, 21 Nov 2014 16:23:33

Hi MilanDasek,

Thanks for posting here !

We might have to verify your subscription details to find out on what is stopping you logging in with Microsoft account. 

Recommend you to contact Azure support team ASAP, it is free, and may be the best choice for you.

Please contact support team by creating a support ticket at

select Having issues with sign in or signing up for an account  from

(Or )

If that doesn't work as you don't have seem to have an active subscription you will need to contact general customer support to have them create a support ticket for you


Shirisha Paderu