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m7att on Fri, 28 Feb 2020 14:56:57

I need help using the out of the box reminder emails notifications.  I have a workflow that when an Item is created it requires multiple approvals.  It gets these approvals by creating another task in a separate list.  When that task is approved/rejected, it marks the original workflow as such and then moves to the next approver.  The issue I am having is creating approval reminder emails on the original workflow.  I have create a field on the created approval task that sets a date out 24 hours from when the task is created called reminder email.  In the original workflow, how can I use the out of the box reminder email based on a field from another task list.  The task list that the time and date would be on to reference is Change Control WF Task and the Field is Reminder Email.  I just don't know what to associate the List Item too in the second part (see Screenshots.).  Do I need to create another field called Reminder Email with a date?  The Change Control WF Task has the dates, I have circled in Red what I am unsure to associate to.  Any help would be appreciated, I have been working on this far to long with no success.


Jerry Xu4869 on Mon, 02 Mar 2020 02:51:16

Hi, m7att,

As I am not sure about your workflow setup, so I will talk based on assumption, please let me know if there is anything wrong. 

You mention creating reminder email on the original workflow. As the original one is a approval workflow, i assume you have added a pause until action in the workflow to wait for the correct time in your task list "Change Control WF Tasks" and the column is Reminder Email. 

It is fine and the second part in your screenshot in fact is asking your to provide information about the correct item your workflow shall use. You are referring to another list and it may have a bunch of items. As they probably have different "Reminder Email" value, the workflow needs to know who is the item you want. That is why the second part is called "Find the list item". So you need to use a column in your task list to behave as an identifier. I will bring an example to explain a bit more and hope you can get the idea.

Here I add a pause until action, and try to use the due date value in the task list. For finding the correct item, i used the task name as the identifier. That means i can find the correct item in the task list with the task name column value. Click on the button shows function (fx). Then it opens a new window. It asks for the correct value for comparison. The set up in my screenshot means like this. If the item in task list has the task name equals the "file name" field value (just for notice, which field to use is also determined by you) of the current item in your original list, then it is the correct item you need. Workflow will get the required column value, here is the "due date" column value to use for the "Pause Until action".

For you issue, just to find a column in the WF tasks list which can be used to locate the correct item and retrieve the correct value in your original list to make the comparison like my example.

Feel free to reply with any update

Best Regards


m7att on Mon, 02 Mar 2020 13:47:57

I am struggling to find that field that would be used.  I am using what is called the Lazy Approval Method that was published many years back.  It doesn't use a pause method in the workflow, but rather there is a site workflow that is waiting for approval emails constantly.  On the original Workflow, there can be up to 3 approvers.  When the workflow is started, it goes to the first approval and then created a workflow task in a different list.  An email is generated to that approver.  The approver will then respond Approved or Rejected via email.  The email then coming in kicks off the waiting workflow that identifies the Worflow Task by an identifier on the email, then marks that task with their decision.  When that task is marked approved/rejected, then prompts the original workflow to either move to the next approver or deny.  When moving to the next approver, it doesn't change the date of the Reminder email field in the original Task so if it has already been a day they will get the approval email as well as the reminder email.  I have tried to use actions to change the reminder email field in the original workflow, but it doesn't seem to work.  

In the reminder email field on the original workflow, I have the date set as =today()+1.  I guess I need to find how to adjust this date by 1 day each time an approval is sent through or maybe ad a field for each approval to set a time? 

A lot going on in this workflow.

Original Workflow:

Waiting for email Site workflow.

Jerry Xu4869 on Wed, 04 Mar 2020 09:25:01

Hi, m7att,

So i think you are confused with how to set the Add time action. You mention "find how to adjust this date by 1 day each time an approval is sent through" A quite simple option is like this:

1. Set a new workflow variable under the send email action. Make the variable to be a date/time variable. Set it to be the current date.

2. Add 1 day to that variable. Then you can use the new variable as the needed time.

It is only date so if you are sensitive about time, just use the modified time of the new task created. No need to use new variables, just add time to the last modified time of corresponding newly-created task in task list

Best Regards


m7att on Thu, 05 Mar 2020 15:27:25

I tried this method and it is still not working for me.

Here is where I added to the workflow

Here is the email reminder setting