Kinect v2 UWP skeleton stopped working

Category: kinect for windows v2 sdk


_shanecarraig on Mon, 12 Mar 2018 10:41:19


I have two laptops that on Friday were both working fine with a Kinect v2 sensor and both delivering skeletons fine in my UWP c# app.

On Friday I received a new Kinect v2 and plugged it in. It has a problem on both laptops:

The IR, Depth and Color streams all work fine, but when the custom frame arrives it always has a status = "NotAPerceptionMediaType". It works fine in the SDK explorer examples but none of those are UWP.

To make it worse, on one of my laptops after trying the new Kinect the original working Kinect now shows the same behaviour. 

I have tried updating drivers (and even copying across the working drivers from laptop 1 to laptop 2).

So I now have one laptop that doesnt get a skeleton with any Kinect, and one which gets a skeleton with one Kinect but not the other.

Wondering if anyone else having anything similar?